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Fall arrester  

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  • 387,63 €


    Description :The fall arrest block comprises of a retractable lifeline made of wire rope which is stored on a reel within a protective housing. The reel is spring-based to wind the retractable lifeline in. The reel incorporates an inertia brake mechanism, which allows the lifeline to be slowly extracted and automatically retracted to accommodate the users...

    387,63 €
  • 155,75 €


    Description :Constructed using durable nylon webbing 2.9m long with snap hook and steel carabiner. Performs heavy duty tasks in narrow spaces.Products details :CE certified

    155,75 €
  • 161,00 €


    blocfor 1.8A ESD 51/47 150Kg :Antichute à rappel automatique et à sangle de 1.80m +/- 5CmDétails :léger et compact.Facile à transporter et à utiliser.Il est muni de carters résistants à l'usure,à l'abrasion et au viellissementIl est facile à installer sur différents types d'ancrage grâce à plusieurs type de connecteurs pouvant être montés sur l'émerillon...

    161,00 €
  • 129,50 €


    Description :1.35 metre retractable webbing lifeline including a carabiner, shock absorber and swivel snap hook with double safety lock and load indicator. The webbing is manufactured using ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. This next generation arrest block is high strength, light weight, UV resistant and water resistant.Details : CE...

    129,50 €
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