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Faceshields and accessories  

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  • 22,14 €


    Products details :General use and protection against impact (120m/s)Metallurgy (protection against molten metal and hot solids)Chemical industry (protection against splashes of liquid)Construction (grinding, stone chipping, carving)Flame welding when fitted with shaded visorsMain application fields :Automotive and Part ManufacturerIron and steel...

    22,14 €
  • 3,99 €


    Products details :Protects from solid and liquid ejectionsUsing for a long timeStands up to an impact like a ball one of 0.86 g with a speed inferior or equal to 120m/sMain application fields :IndustryHorticultureAgricultural fieldsQuality :Visor for all supportsPolycarbonateClearOptical class : 1Certification :EN 166:2002EN1731:2007...

    3,99 €
  • 3,55 €


    Products details :Protects against the sunProtects against little ejectionsCompatible with headgears 60707 and helmet bracket 60705Main application fields :ConstructionCivil engineeringAgriculture and horticultureForesterQuality :Visorgrill for forester or against radiant heatCompatible with a face shield holderCertification :EN 166:2002EN1731:2007...

    3,55 €
  • 5,51 €


    Products details :Compatible with Visor ref. 60710, 60711, 60713, 60720 and 60721Brow protectorSweat-absorber3 tip-up positionsMain application fields :ConstructionCivil engineeringIndustryAgriculture and horticultureQuality :Yellow headgear3 tip-up positionsAdjustable rackImpact resistant brow protectorCan be used with VisorSweat-absorber on...

    5,51 €
  • 6,04 €


    Products details :Comptaible with Visor ref. 60710, 60711, 60713, 60720 and 60721Compatible with ear plugs ref. 310403 tip-up positionsBrow protectorSweat-absorberMain application fields :ConstructionCivil engineeringIndustryQuality :Yellow headgear3 tip-up positionsImpact resistant brow protectorCompatible with VisorCompatible with earplugsSweat-absorber...

    6,04 €
  • 4,27 €


    Products details :3 positionsCompatible with Visor ref. 60710, 60711, 60713, 60720 and 60721Compatible with helmets ref. 65100 to 65105 and 65120 to 65125Main application fields :ConstructionCivil engineeringIndustryQuality :Helmet bracket for safety helmet3 tip-up positionsCompatible with standard helmetsCompatible with VisorCertification...

    4,27 €
  • 4,08 €


    Products details :Compatible with adaptors ref. 607063 tip-up positionsCompatible with Visor ref. 60710, 60711, 60713, 60720 and 60721Main application fields :ConstructionCivil engineeringIndustryQuality :Face shield holder3 tip-up positionsRequires adaptorsCompatible with VisorCertification :EN 166:2002EN1731:2007...

    4,08 €
  • 7,38 €


    Description :Unbeatable comfort and essential modular design.With the “Visor” accessory, the Blast model can be used as a face shield with protection guaranteed.Details : With or without foam (according to versions)All-round visionBall-pivotAdjustable strapOverflow chute for liquidsFits over prescription glassesCompatible with half-mask respirator ...

    7,38 €
  • 18,03 €


    Description :An ideal solution for face and hearing protection (PW48) where no helmet is required. It protects against particle impact, liquid splashes and dangerous noise. Spare parts available. Details :Materials: Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, ABS

    18,03 €
  • 8,84 €


    Description :PC visor with PP browguard, is made from impact resistant polypropylene. The wheel ratchet adjustment system is designed for easy use. Replacement visor available (PW92).Details :Materials: PolycarbonateEN 166 (1 B / 3 B)

    8,84 €
  • 24,02 €


    Description :Use as a replacement part on 3M™ Full Facepieces 6000 Series.

    24,02 €
  • 4,03 €


    Descriiption :Our visor holder is compatible with helmet styles PW50, PW51 and PW57.Details :Versatile and safe, this is a great addition to the PW Safety range.Compatible with Replacement Visor PW92/ PW94 / PW99.Certification :EN 166EN 1731...

    4,03 €
  • 3,85 €


    Descriiption :Helmet Visor Carrier - PW92Details :Replacement visor for PW90 and PW91. It also fits PW58.Certification :EN 166 (1B)

    3,85 €
  • 1,52 €


    Description :Peel-Off Visor Covers Versaflo (40pc) M-928 Details :Transparent Peel-Off visors cover for the 3M™ M Series FaceshieldCover fits over the visor and protects it from scratching or overspray of paint and chemicalsSelf-adhesive visor covers can be easy applied and torn offUp to five covers can be attached, one on top of the other...

    1,52 €
  • 9,45 €


    Description :Mesh visor with PP browguard, suitable for protection against large highspeed particles. The ratchet adjustment system is designed for easy use. Replacement visor available (PW94).Products details :Wheel ratchet size adjustment for easy fittingCE certifiedSoft foam sweat band includedCan be adapted to be used over prescription...

    9,45 €
  • 5,86 €


    Description :Porte-Ecran avec largeur universelle en taille européenne (30 mm), la PS58 peut être utilisée sur les modèles de casque PS53 / PS54 / PW54 / PS55 / PW55 / PW97 / PV50 / PV54 / PV60 / PV64. Il permet une position de repos et peut combiner l'utilisation simultanée d'un écran et de coquilles antibruit à clipser. Compatible avec les écrans de...

    5,86 €
  • 14,00 €


    Details : Eyepiece >> Polycarbonate and acetate Ventilation >> 3 indirect vents Support >> Adjustable textile tightening elastic attached to the body of the mask Resistance to impact and extreme temperature Eyepiece protection with interchangeable transparent film Weight >> 92 g...

    14,00 €
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