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The Cleanspace Halo is the reference for respiratory protection systems, intended for the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

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The advantages of Cleanspace Halo :

      • Easy to use : very few button
      • Lightweight : 350gr for the engine block
      • Comfortable to wear over longs perdiods
      • Long battery life : Up to 8 hours of continuous operation
      • Simple design : No hoses, cables or belt mounted battery packs
      • Fully customizable through its many accessories : half masks of different sizes, complete mask, pre-filters and particle filters, protects neck, head harness ..
      • Responds to your breathing
      • The mask is always on positive pressure
      • Modern and ergonomic design

Cleanspace Halo

Designed for the medical and pharma sector:

      • Handling chemical or biological products
      • HEPA / P3 filter for biological hazards (APF 50 & 1000)
      • High protection potential: 50 (half mask) or 100 (full face mask)
      • IP66 certified (water tolerance)
      • Certified EN12942
      • 3 years of coverage

Utilisation du Cleanspace2

Limitations :

CleanSpace Respirators are an air filtering, fan assisted positive pressure mask and is designed to be worn in environments where there is sufficient oxygen to breathe safely.

DO NOT USE the CleanSpace Respirators in IDLH, or in Oxygen enriched or deficient atmospheres, to protect against gases/vapours that cannot be filtered.

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